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The Center for Iranian Diaspora Studies is the first academic center of its kind — dedicated to research and teaching about the historical and cultural experiences of the global Iranian diaspora. Rather than focusing on “Iranian Studies” and Iran’s ancient and imperial past, the Center seeks to document, share, and preserve the history of Iranians in the diaspora for future generations. Additionally, the Center seeks to prepare a new generation of policy makers, business leaders, artists and cultural ambassadors to effectively understand and engage with people of Iranian heritage and understand their relationship to the communities and countries where they reside today.

“With a Trace” is a new blog established to share stories, feature diaspora studies scholars and their work, as well as to identify and share the rich cultural landscape produced by Iranian immigrant communities as well as second and third generation hyphenated Iranians from around the globe. The “trace” refers to the way that Iran, Iranian history, and the culture of that nation has left its trace in so many of us in the diaspora; however, we do not define the diaspora in homogenous or nationalistic terms, but rather seek to celebrate and understand its varied and rich manifestations as it crosses borders, moves in and out from margin to center, and also finds itself in the circuits of multiple sites and influences.

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